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Off-task or disruptive behavior will result in a loss of productivity, therefore, teachers must set standards for their classrooms. Teachers expect students to follow the rules but unfortunately there will always be exceptions. This is why a successful teacher needs to know how to effectively handle disruptive behavior so it causes the least amount of disruption to the classroom.

In order for students to learn to the best of their abilities; a classroom needs some order. If teachers set limits on student behavior they may avoid getting involved in unproductive classroom battles. The teacher in this script will demonstrate my own personal philosophy of classroom management by doing the following: state rules from the beginning, avoid becoming defensive with a disruptive student, confronting disruptive student in a positive way, avoid disrupting the rest of the class as much as possible and trying to influence the student by bonding with him or her as a role-model.

The following role-playing script is an example of how a teacher might interact with an off-task student:Teacher: Good morning students. Please take your seats at your desk. Before we resume our standardized testing I want to remind you all of our rules. Rule #1- no talking. Rule #2- have 2 sharp pencils at your desk before the test begins because you will not be permitted to get up from your desk once the test begins. If you have any questions during the test you must raise your hand and wait for me to come to you. Your eyes must remain on your own desk. Does anybody have any questions before we begin testing? No questions? Good, let us begin.

Teacher: Jimmy, what are you doing up from your desk? I clearly told the classroom to stay seated for the entire test before we began.

Jimmy: I didn’t hear you say I couldn’t get up! Sheesh! I was just going to sharpen my pencil!Teacher: Jimmy, you have been warned. Take your seat and do not get back up until the test has ended. Others are trying to concentrate and I expect you to stay quietly seated.

Marie raises her hand…Teacher walks up to Marie and says: Marie, what can I help you with?Marie: Teacher, Jimmy keeps poking me in the back and I cannot concentrate on the test! I asked him to stop but he won’t.

Teacher whispers to Jimmy: Jimmy, you are to go to the principal’s office and wait for me.

Jimmy stomps out of the room ranting and raving: I didn’t do anything! This school sucks!Once the test has ended teacher walks into the principal’s office to talk with Jimmy.

Teacher: Jimmy. I clearly stated the testing rules to our classroom before we began. You received a warning after the first violation. Then, you proceeded to interrupt Marie by poking her while she was trying to do her best on the test. Do you feel like this was a fair thing to do to Marie?Teacher: No Jimmy, you know the rules in my classroom. You only get one warning per day. I am going to call your mother and alert her to your behavior today.

Jimmy: No way! She’s going to kill me! I won’t do it again!Teacher: Jimmy, your mother deserves to know about her son’s behavior at school.

Phone call:Teacher: Hello, Mrs. Johnston? I am sorry to interrupt you this afternoon. I am sitting in the principal’s office with Jimmy?Mrs. Johnston: Uh oh! Is everything alright?Teacher: Well, as you may or may not know, we are in the middle of our annual standardized testing. I went over the rules with the students before taking the test and this is what happened….(teacher tells the mom the entire story)Mrs. Johnston: I am sorry teacher. I expect more from Jimmy. Is there anything particular you recommend I do about his behavior?Teacher: Well, I’m glad you asked. Marie is in our special before-school reading program. Perhaps Jimmy could come in before school next week to be her reading partner. We have a shortage of reading buddies and Jimmy is one of our advanced readers.

Mrs. Johnston: I’m sure we could work that out. That idea sounds reasonable to me. I assure you, we expect more from Jimmie at home…I’m not sure what got into him today.

Teacher: Thank you for your time Mrs. Johnston. I appreciate your time today. (hang up phone)Jimmy: Really? You expect me to read with Marie? And come in early?Teacher: Jimmy, because you interrupted her during the test she will have to re-take it in order to pass. Do you think it’s fair to Marie that she has to stay in and be re-tested because of you?Jimmy: Well, I hadn’t thought of that. I’m sorry. I didn’t know she would have to re-take the test!Teacher: I know you are good boy Jimmy, but you made some bad choices today. I hope that you’ll think before you act next time. Don’t you think that being Marie’s reading buddy might be a good way to make up to her for her time you wasted today?Jimmy: Yes, I see your point. I’ll tell Marie I’m sorry and I’ll try to help her with her reading.

The end.