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Romeo and Juliet English Essay Draft


Baz Luhrmann has crafted a modern interpretation of William Shakespeare's 1599 play "Romeo and Juliet". Luhrmann is highly effective at recreating Shakespeare's play specifically through the use of themes to reflect a modern era, Firstly love and violence permeate Romeo and Juliet, whether it is love or hate they are always connected to passion. Additionally love can be the sum of another man's wishes; love is a powerful emotion that captures individuals, it cannot be forced upon one. Finally

Body Paragraph One:

Love and hate can be so easily portrayed as powerfully as each other. On the night of the feast Tybalt's resentment for Romeo is equally as strong as Romeo's immediate passion for Juliet "To strike him dead I hold it not a sin." Tybalt says. (pg. 59) In the film Tybalt recognises Romeo and immediately fire builds up within his eyes as the urge to kill him builds.

This clearly shows that the Capulets and Montagues have a rivalry built on hatred for one another and as a result Tybalt is disliked by the viewer. Juliet is a Capulet and Romeo is a Montague, they're meant to be arch enemies "My only love, sprung from my only hate!" Juliet says. (pg. 61) Without prior knowledge of Romeo being a Montague" Juliet had already fallen in love with him, and her love new found love is equal to the hatred meant to be had for all Montagues. The film reflects this theme as the chase

Body Paragraph Two:


It is evident that Baz Luhrmann has successfully recreated themes relevant to the modern era from William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.