Romeo and Juliet monologue

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Juliet's monologue

It was on the day my dad gave a party, I wonder how he was there. He looked very nervous. He seemed to be searching for someone, perhaps someone special. Then his keen eyes fell on mine. I couldn't resist the way he stared at me. So I immediately turned away. his hands suddenly touched mine, it was cold and a sudden shiver ran across my body. I knew he liked me and wanted to kiss me. As we touched each other's hands. my cheeks blushed and my heart was too heavy for words as he gave me a loving kiss. The Nurse than interrupted, I was so furious, as i hardly met him. I didn't even know his name.

After everyone left, me and the Nurse were left alone in the massive hall/ That's when I asked her what his name was. She said 'His name is Romeo, and a Montague.

The only son of your great enemy' my anger changed to despair as I knew that my only love was my family's greatest enemy. I was shocked.

All day I couldn't resist thinking about him. That night, when I was in the balcony opening up my thoughts he suddenly came out of the bushes. For a second there, my blood froze. I couldn't say no to him now as he must have heard what I spoke I thought as we spoke then I feared for him as I told him if any of the kinsmen will see him they will kill him. But he didn't care he said 'I have nights cloak to hide me from their eyes'. He was dreaming as he said he had nights cloak to hide him from the kinsmen. After that I was quite serious about what was happening. I...