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As I walk up the stairs heading toward the hallway I turn the corner toward my bedroom. This is my favorite room of my house. On the closed door is a blue sign that reads: AMANDA Blvd. The first thing I see when I open the door is my bed with the beautiful white comforter. There is also a white see-through linen that drapes around my bed.

To my right are the walk-in closets covered with pictures of my favorite actors and actresses and also of my favorite musicians. In front of me are two closed windows. Under one of them is my bookcase with my lava lamp and pictures of friends on top of it. It is filled with many of my favorite books. Under the other window is my nightstand, which is also to the right of my bed. The nightstand holds a lamp; a frame with my name in an acronym given to me by my Aunt Sherrie; a few candles; and my alarm clock.

Over my bed is a running ceiling fan. To the left of the bed are a few of my old stuffed animals that I've had since I was born. On the far left hand corner of my bedroom is my T.V. and VCR. Next to the T.V. is my CD player, which also sits under a window, and on the radio "Independent Woman" by Destiny's Child is playing.

My desk is next to my CD player. On the desk are my computer, five porcelain dolls on the top shelf, and three separate shelves. In the first shelf are pictures of Michael Jordan. There is also track medals and awards; in the middle shelf is my 8th grade cheerleading picture; and in the last shelf is my 8th grade class picture from Milwaukee.

On the wall next to my desk is my couch with a blue and white covering. Sitting on the couch are two blue blankets, a blue pillow, and a Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger pillow. Next to the couch is my dresser which holds a lamp that matches the one on my Kuter 2 nightstand, a white jewelry box, and my purple cordless telephone. In between my dresser and the entering door is the door that leads to my bathroom.

My bedroom is my favorite room because it is fairly large and because I spend most of my time in it. I can relax in there and be by myself if I want or have friends come over also. I also like it because I can fit both my bed and my couch in it.