A Rose For Emily

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In "A Rose For Emily", Miss Emily Grierson, a spinster has a hard time accepting the fact that the world around her is changing. Her isolation from the community forms tension between her and townspeople inability to cope with her. William Faulkner uses many aspects of literature to give the audience a clear view of the short story.

First, we look at the setting. The narrator is telling readers about when Miss Emily died the whole town went to her funeral. This is showing how the whole town became involved in her life. In addition, the narrator reveals to the audience that no one has seen the inside of the house for at least ten years. From the beginning, the reader is forming an opinion about the mental stability of Miss Emily. Her downfall was her inability to accept change, as evidenced by her refusal to accept the deaths of Colonel Sartoris and her father.

Seven main characters are introduced in the story. Other than Emily, and the townspeople who affect the actions of the aldermen, a druggist, Baptist minister, doctors, Confederate war veterans, two female cousins, and her lover Homer Barren are also present in the story.

First, lets examine the townspeople older generation under the mayoralty of Colonel Sartoris. He had invented an involved tale that Miss Emily's father had loaned money to the town, so this was why he excused her from paying taxes, he also sent his children to take painting lessons from Emily. However the new generation with its new northern ideas about doing things was not about to let her get away with not paying taxes, so they decided to pay her a visit. When asked about paying taxes Miss Emily replied by telling the men to see "Colonel Sartoris, who...