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Essay #2 Rough Draft

When you think of a hero you automatically think of Superman, Batman, even a Prince, or Knight in shining armor. In today's movies and stories you would never think to have an old woman be portrayed as a hero let alone a witch. Arguably, there is more than one character in the Wyrd Sisters who could be called the hero of the story, primarily Granny Weatherwax. Though Terry Pratchett emphasizes Granny Weatherwax's, the leader of the three witches, personality as stubborn, conservative, and humorous, he also, through Granny's actions demonstrates the goodness in her heart and the willingness to go through extreme measures to make things right. There are a few occurrences where Granny demonstrates she's a heroine, such like helping a baby escape the kingdom, meddling into destiny, and casting a spell to portray the truth about a king's death.

King Verence had a child who would take his place as rightful king. But after Duke Felmet murders the king the boy is smuggled out of the castle by a servant and is handed to the witches. First we got to take him away from here, says granny about the boy (30). Only looking out for the boy's interest granny then continues, "But it's not safe. He's got to be somewhere away from here, a long way away, where no one knows who he is" (30). Granny Weatherwax soon then gives the boy away to a family of travelling actors. Granny also gives the family a sack of silver and coins.

Duke Felmet, after killing his cousin king Verence, take over the kingdom of Lancre. However, the leader of the witches, Granny is fed up when she realizes the new king is mistreating the land...