Rural Tourism in Northern Ireland

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The issues that surround rural development and also the development of rural tourism are vast and are currently being reviewed and developed. There is a growing understanding among rural communities that they, the people, and the land are the two most outstanding natural resources that Northern Ireland possesses.

These two resources give Northern Ireland its two natural industries, tourism and agriculture. It is in realising, in the past decade, that rural tourism may have the potential to become a significant income generator and also inhibit some continuing problems that rural communities face, e.g. depopulation that the real prospect of rural tourism began.

The main purpose of the study is to explore rural development within Northern Ireland in the past decade and also within a study area of South Down / South Armagh, and the potential growth of rural tourism in the area.

Table of Contents

Abstract I

Table of Contents II

Acknowledgements IV

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Introduction VIII


1. Literature Review - Introduction to Rural Tourism

1.Introduction 1

2.What is Tourism? 2 - 3

3.What is Rural Tourism? 4 - 8

4.Rural Tourism in Ireland and Northern Ireland 9 - 11

2. Literature Review - The Rural Development Programme (RDP)

1.The Rural Development Programme 12 - 14

2.The Impact of the RDP 15 - 16

3.The Rural Development Strategy 1994 - 1999 17

4.Resources required for Rural Development in

Northern Ireland 18 - 19

5.Achievements of the RDP 20

6.Employment contribution of the RDP 21

7.Progress of the RDP 21

8.Future Challenges for Rural Development in

Northern Ireland 22

1.Project Level Challenges 22 - 23

2.Programme Level Challenges 23

2.9 The Northern Ireland Rural Policy Discussion Group...