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Five Star Fitness is dedicated, not only to offering superior service and products; it also strives to offer our clients the best offers and prices. Five Star fitness will achieve this in a few different ways, including direct mail and Internet savings.

Direct Sales

At the start of business, new members will receive special discounted rates and there will be rewards for new members who that are responsible for having others join. We will advertise the start of business in local newspapers, through mail and our website.

Online Sales

Clients who register on our website will receive a special guest trial membership. Five Star Fitness will also promote special discounts, memberships and holiday specials through its website. An e-mail list will be acquired for promotions. This will be our main strategy considering the low cost.

Direct Mail

Five Star Fitness will send out flyers and coupons twice a year in the first year of business.

This may change year to year as profits also change.