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SAS Institute

For the seven years it has been published, FORTUNE Magazine has listed the SAS Institute as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. In 2004 the SAS Institute ranked at number eight, and has been listed among the top 10 six times. With these accolades, and one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the country, Jim Goodnight, founder of the SAS Institute has created a work environment worth studying.

To have this kind of recognition year after year, something about the company's values must be right. With a four percent employee turnover rate, the employees obviously have high job satisfaction. There are three components of job satisfaction, which comprise an employee's evaluative component. These are cognitive, affective and behavioral components. The cognitive component, "an individual's perceptions, opinion, beliefs and expectations regarding the organization are the focus of his or her cognitions" [Module2]. Some of the inducements for his or her cognitions are rewards, managerial (supervisor satisfaction), task (one's responsibilities, or how one's part fits in with the team), and social (how coworkers help or hinder job performance).

"Among the worker benefits at SAS: an on-site, subsidized Montessori day-care program for employees' children, flexible work hours, unlimited sick days, 'kids' days' off to attend to sick children or important events, a seven-hour workday, a cafeteria with booster seats and high chairs and a round-the-clock free health center with 11 family nurse practitioners, three family practice physicians, two nutritionists, 10 nurses, a psychotherapist and two physical therapists" [Johnson]. The SAS Institute continually strives to meet the needs of its employees so that they can focus on their job, rather than worrying about outside factors which would detract from their productiveness. The cost of the SAS Institute to keep these benefits online for its employees is greatly...