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Satyam Computer Services better known as Satyam was incorporated in 1987 by Mr. Ramalingam Raju. this company is an information technology (IT) services company that provides a broad range of IT services such as software development, application integration, consulting and enterprise business solutions, engineering design support, e-commerce and consulting.

Satyam is headquarter in India and has software development centres in the US, the UK, Middle East, Singapore, Japan and Australia. it was the first IT company in India to be recommended for a companywide BS7799-1999 standard certification.

Satyam's networks spanned from 46 countries, across 6 continents and employing over 20 000 IT professionals. Satyam entered into the Europe in 1997 with the setting up of a development centre in the UK. This growth accelerated due to the increased flow of outsourcing work from this region.


In-depth description about the ethics and influencing in relation to the Satyam Corporation.

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