Scarlet Letter

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Dude! We were fighting in HoT area of ToV and boom this Mad Scientist shouts there are dragons outside trying to break into the Temple. So we all run out and get confronted by these bad mo fo's! Killed em all but it took for ever Cerano Vulcanus of Veeshan 57th Circle of Magicians Guilded with Ixtlan I've just completed a short online documentary about EverQuest Players. It's a brief look into the culture that has grown around the game. It features an interview with Nick Yee, the psychology student who has conduct extensive research into the virtual community concept within the game, and footage from Flight of Dragons will be hosting an aid station at the Oasis of Marr on Rodcet Nife Saturday February 23 from 5pm est to 10pm est. Services will include buffing, chain pulling for groups, train derailing, summoning articles, and whatever else we can do to help out.

We will also be looking for worthyAs I wandered around Nektulos Forest, slaying endless amounts of those pesky guards, I felt a warm aura surround me. I heard a soft, kind voice that seemed to be more in my mind than anything else.

"The Arcane Armaggedon will start in 45 minutes. It is open to all who posess magic, with the exception of Paladins, Bards, and Shadowknights." Apparantly others heard it also, for there were mulitple shouts of joy and confusion.

I began my journey to the famed "Arena". I met up with a kindly Wizard named Orren, and he agreed to use his powers to translocate me to North Karana. He also gave me some candied spider .^_^.

After I had been sent to North Karana, I wandered around South Karana 'til