The Scarlet Letter

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1. Major Relationships and conflicts:

Hester Prynne: The main character Hester Prynne commits a sin full crime of adultery with a man named Reverend Dimmesdale. This crime is seen to be heinous in the eyes of the Puritan Community because they are very religious. The only real relationship that Hester Prynne has is with her daughter who is seen to be a product of forbidden love. Her daughter soul purpose in Hester's life is to be a reminder of her sinful crime. Another conflict is brought up because she is forced to face her community with the burden of the shameful crime by having to wear the scarlet letter which is an A fastened to her dress. Hester wears the scarlet letter everywhere she goes showing that she realize that she has done wrong. Hester shows this by leaving the prison and going through the market-place to stand where everyone can see her.

She is forced to do this because of the Puritan community. Although she is married to Roger Chillingworth she sees it strictly has a lawful agreement and is nothing more than something written down on a piece of paper. It is not full of love like the relationship she has with the father of her child, the Minster. By having to keep the identity of the father a secret it has a horrible effect on the minister who begins to lead to his solitary life. This also torturers Hester because she loves the minister and wishes to confess the truth.

Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale: Arthur Dimmesdale has a strong relationship to the church and his seen as a saint in the Puritan community. Through out the book the Reverend makes many speeches on how to live a sinful life. However, the reverend as a deep secret in...