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The book The Scarlet Letter, By Nathanial Hawthorne was taken place in England during the mid-seventeenth century. The book mainly expresses symbolism. The main character is a beautiful daughter of ancient house of decayed fortune. Her name is Hester Pynne, who through the eyes of a puritan was an extreme sinner. She has gone against the puritan ways, commiting adultry, by having an affair with a minister. For this harsh sin, she must wear a symbol of shame and disgrace for the rest of her life. However, She is a beautiful young woman who has sinned, but is forgiven, The author expresses her as "divine maternity", that she can't do no wrong. Not only to Hester, but the phsical apperearence of the scarlet letter "A" (which stands for adultry), it is a puritanic sign of disownment. The letter is described as a beautiful, gold, and colorful peice.

When she was young her parents married her to a man named Roger Chillingworth, he sent her away in a ship promising to follow.

She then fell in love with a man and had a baby named Pearl. When he returned after two years, he desperatley wanted revenge, with a new name and a disgiuise as a doctor, he begins a search for the father of the baby. After a few years, she runs into Roger Chillingworth during the period Hester had the scarlet letter and revealed to him who was the father, the minister Arthur Dimmesdale. Whithin his observation he tortures him seeking his revenge.

Pearl, Hester's daughter, was immitated by the puritans as a child of sin who should be treated as ugly, evil and shamed. When I was reading this book I noticed that the author placed Pearl above the rest. Pearl is extremely nice, pretty, smart and is always wearing colorful clothes. Mostly she spends her time playing with flowers and trees. She always fit into nature, and is always happy and filled with joy which the Puritans take negatively. Whenever Hester would take the letter off of her chest Pearl would scream, and she would be forced to but it back.

After seven years went by, Pearl was already grown. Now being raised by two people recently reunited as the they live in a town where everyone knows the truth. The minister became much more pale throughout the days, and soon became too weak and died. As for Roger Chillingworth , he was punished for his own sin and for the actions he took for his revenge, he was excecuted. As for Hester Prynne and the child, Pearl soon vanished after the ministers death. Some say she dieas at young age, yet she was found in a new town happily married.