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The Scarlet LetterThe Scarlet Letter clearly illustrates how life was during the Puritan society. The Puritans were a group of people who obtained a charter to leave England because they did not agree with the current religious practices in England. They based their reason for wanting to leave because of the existence of the fancy churches and the desire to have a simpler church. Their appearance in dressing was very plain and bland. They also had a strict view on religion. They were very much into abiding by the Lords word and any violations were looked upon as a transgression against God and man and were subject to heavy punishment. Religious value was a big part of how they lived their lives, In this Puritan Society based novel, Hester Prynne committed one of the worst transgressions that ever could be committed against God and his rules for men. Mrs.

Prynee committed adultery. The Puritan Society seriously frowned upon adultery. Hester also conceived a child from this adulterous affair. Everyone in the colony knew that it would have been impossible for the baby to be her husbands. She was a beautiful and vibrant woman who journey to the colony before her husband, Roger Chillingworth. As part of her punishment, Hester was removed from the jail and placed upon a scaffold. While on the scaffold, she was made to stay there for 3 hours. During these 3 hours, Hester had to endure hateful taunts and harsh words being called out at her all while standing with her baby. Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale asked Hester to reveal the identity of the man she had been sexually involved with, however Hester refused.

Around this same time Hester's husband, who would later on be known as the physician Roger Chillingworth, viewed the situation. He later visited Hester in jail and revealed himself to her and informed her that he would do whatever possible to find the identity of the person. Soon thereafter, Chillingworth and Dimmesdale became close friends and began living together. Later, Chillingworth becames Dimmesdale physician. Hester and her daughter lived outside of town. "But she named the infant "˜Pearl', as being of great price-purchased with all she had her mother's only pleasure. Hester was a seamstress and she came to town to sell them and help those in need. "Such helpfulness was found in her "" so much power to do and power to sympathize "" that many people refuse to interpret the scarlet "˜A' by it's original signification. They said that it meant "˜Able' so strong was Hester Prynne, with woman strength.

However, contrary to all the good that Hester was doing, Chillingworth would not up. He had become obsessed with finding out who the Father of Pearl was. The towns' people thought very lightly of him when he first came but later they felt that he was evil. They also felt Pearl was evil. She did not really listen or respect her Mother. Hathorne's frequently refers to Pearl while using the term imp. This fact is significant that it shows that one you disobey God and go against the rules that he has set for man then the end result will of course be a bad one. It will cause bad things to come upon you and man as a society. This can be seen by Pearl's defiance to her Mother and Chillingworths' vengefulness.

The way Pearl carries herself, caused people to question how she was being raised and the peaceful men in the colony meet to discuss this matter. The pastor, John Wilson, Reverend Dimmesdale and Chillingworth were all at the Governors House. Hester and Pearl had gone to the governors' house to deliver gloves she had made for him. They also had an alternative motive, to make a plea for Pearl. The pastor wanted to see how well Pearl had been raised so far, so he asked Pearl if she knew where she came from. "After putting her finger in her mouth with many ungrateful, refused to announce Mr. Wilson's question, the child finally announced that she had not been made at all, but had been plucked by her Mother off the bush of wild roses that grew by the prison door.' They decide Hester shouldn't keep her, then after much pleading from Hester and on the behalf of the "˜her from Dimmesdale, Hester was able to keep Pearl.

As the story went on Dimmesdale guilt grew greater and Chillingworth need for revenge more intense. Dimmesdale guilt became so great that one night he stood on the scaffold and confessed his sins hoping that someone would hear him. Hester and Pearl saw him and they took their places on the scaffold along side of him. Chillingsworth learned the truth on that night. Later, Hester saw Chillingsworth and asked him to stop hurting Dimmesdale and he refusefd. Hester rejoins pearl after he leaves. Pearl has an enormous fascination with the Scarlet Letter " A", Hawthornes symbol for the adultery her Mother committed. She had made a letter "A" out of seaweed and had placed it on her chest. Hester asked her if she knew what it meant and she informed her that it was the same reason that the minister placed his hands over his chest.

Later Hester learned that Dimmesdale had gone to visit a friend in the woods who lived among the Indians. Hester meets him on his way back. The two sat and talked of the passionate love that they shared for one another and still share. They decided to leave together and they tell Pearl of their decision. They had decided to leave after his speech during the parade. Hester had purchased 3 tickets for them to leave. She was later told that Chillingworth had also purchased tickets for the same boat.

Once he had finished his speech, one of thee most incredible speeches of his life, which had inspired everyone. However, he had gotten very sick and once he had finished he called to Hester and Pearl to come to him. Chillingworth tried to stop Hester but he was unsuccessful. As he was dying in his very last words he called out his sin to all around. Upon hearing his of his sin the remainder of his congregation became sympathetic. Many people thought that he made a revelation in his last words. They said that he did this by showing people that even he was able to committee sin, a transgression against God and man. Chillingwrth died within that year, leaving Pearl a lot of land in the New England and England. Hester and Pearl left the colony and years later Hester came back to live out her years. Years later she died and was buried next to the man she loved so dearly, Dimmesdale.

In conclusion, The Scarlet Letter opens the door to how the Puritan society felt about sin and their views on adultery. Adultery was one of the worst sins that could have ever been committed it was looked at as a huge transgression against God and man. It was a transgression against God because he sets the rules for us to abide by and it was also one against man because even though adultery was committed by two people, Hester and Dimmesdale, they created a child and it complicated life for her, Pearl, and it hurt Hester's' husband Chillingworth. The best theme that can be derived from this novel is that we must accept responsibility for our actions or suffer the consequences. A good examination of this can be seen by the affects that it had on Dimmesdale. It is best to confess the sin in the open before it overwhelms you and consumes you. God shall let no sins go unpunished however, the punishment and it degree will depend on whether or not you will admit to your wrongdoing!