Sea monsters.

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Many families were torn apart, and their social status crushed due to the fantastic stories of unbelievable creatures told by early sailors. The stories they told of krakens, sea serpents, and monsters of enormous size that glowed with eerie luminescence, earned them reputations as liars and psychos. Today we still think of them as being superstitious and we ignore the facts that we already know. Those sailors did see something that they could only have described as monsters of the uncharted seas. They told the truth about what they saw and were ridiculed for it. Things that we have discovered since tell us that creatures do exist fitting the description of those alleged crazy ocean goers that did nothing more then tell people what they saw. It is an obvious fact that we know little about the ocean and what lives out there, but we know enough to agree, without a doubt, that the creatures that ocean legends were made of are living breathing spectacles of nature and not objects brought to life from a drunken sailor's nightmare.