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1 Executive Summary32 Campaign Goals43 Campaign Design53a Target Market53b Landing Page53c Ad Copy Design63d Keyword Research & Selection73e Position & Bidding Strategy83f Revision Strategy84 Analysis104a Site Statistics104b Google Reports115 Recommendations145a Potential site design changes145b Findings of Campaign / Optimization146 Appendix161 Executive SummaryThe overall goal of the campaign process is to determine the behaviour and attitude of the target market. We needed to determine what the demand from our target market would be for the inviteRight product. superMeet's target market is business executives who are looking for information on the rental of sports arena luxury suites in order to entertain and form relations with clients and/or partners either current or future. The campaign was designed and run in order to determine if our target market can be captured with our ad copies and our keywords, both integral parts of our search engine marketing campaign.

Ad copies were designed in order to grab the attention of our target market and entice them to click on our ads leading them to our landing page.

The ads were designed with eye catching titles featuring certain keywords: "Executive Sports Suites" and "Sky Box Seat Meetings." We felt that these titles captured what we were trying to advertise while fully explaining our landing page that would be seen as soon as the ads were clicked.

The landing page offers two main ideas. The first being our site itself, superMeet which is a resource for individuals thinking about or already using sports arena luxury suites to conduct business meetings. The second is to draw the user to which is a tool that will help them organize their invitees and guest lists. The landing page is crucial to the campaign as it is the gateway through which the user will get to which is the ultimate...