The Secret Life of Bees

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Relationships in The Secret Life of Bees

Hope Paterson-Jones

English III: Honors

Mr. Althof

4 March 2014

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A relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected. Relationships are built from family, partners, and friends. It is where one can look for acceptance, happiness, love and closure. Finding that healthy relationship will impact you physically, and mentally, in the novel 'The Secret Life of Bees" author Sue Monk Kidd portrays themes, symbols, motifs, and characterization to demonstrate that everyone regardless of circumstance or color, deserves a relationship in order to grow and evolve.

A relationship that took time to evolve in the novel was the relationship between Lily and August. "I grew so quiet how could I be mad at her? I had done the same thing. Held back what I knew and my reasons were not the least bit noble like hers."

(Kidd, 126). Lily and August both kept secrets from each other, equally thinking it was for their own good. Lily didn't want the Boatwright sisters to know who she was at first in case they wouldn't accept her, she held onto her tongue until she felt it was the right time. August knew all along who Lily was. She also waited until Lily was ready to confess, she knew she would. "…I want you to know, I love you. Just like I loved your mother." (Kidd, 243).

Interracial couples were forbidden, and Lily knew that, but her love for Zach grew by the minute. "He dipped his fingers into the comb, and lifting my veil, brought it close to my lips…we stayed like that while bees swirled around our heads… Danger I realized was a thing you got used to." (Kidd, 126). At this...