Security / A brief look of security post 9-11.

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Security has been increased from the local level to the international level. Many of these new security guidelines and laws are a result of the tragic events of 9-11. Everything from the food you eat to foreign policies and affairs have been impacted by this new level of security. Some of these new acts may seem strict, but they are for your and the nation's good. So you can either cooperate with the new security acts or you can be arrested and held as being a terrorist, so you might as well just go along with all the new acts.

One of aspects of life most effected by these new acts is air travel. Security has been stepped up several notches. The federal government has taking over security in airports and the skies in an attempt to prevent another 9-11 like attack. The items that you can carry on a plane has also been limited.

Some of the items that have been banned are pocket knives, toe nail clippers, and the size of your carry on bag. This increased security adds time you spend at the airport going through extra security.

National defense has also been stepped up several notches. Any intelligence is invested to a greater extent to increase the safety and peace throughout America. Since 9-11 we have invaded and conquered two countries for harboring terrorists. The US has no tolerance for terrorist. A new agency called Homeland Security Act has been created in order to form a more safe union free of terrorism and hate crimes.

The terrorists attacks have blackened the Islam religion because of a death. Not all Muslims believe in creating an heinous and unprovoked attacked. The extremist are the ones responsible for these cowardly acts. Because of these attacks more Muslims were...