Self Abuse: Right or Wrong

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Self Abuse: Right or Wrong

Whose choice is it? This question is referring to self abuse. This essay will explain my opinion on self abuse is that the low and important forms could and should be done, but the more severe forms of self abuse should be stopped. For the two that I think should be continued it all depends on their situation in life but the rest should not happen.

Self abuse is defined as "The act of deliberately destroying body tissue" . One example of this is tattooing. This is one of the lower forms I think could be done. I think this because getting a tattoo is not something someone does if they have low self esteem but it is something they do to rebel or they think it is interesting.

There is one thing that has been done for a long time witch is branding.

Branding is defined as "A mark by burning the skin with a hot iron, in former times criminals are often branded" . Although branding is forced it awares people of somebody's crimes and maybe not to trust them as much.

But not all self abuses are good, one type of self abuse that is bad is carving, carving is "The act or art of people who carve" .Carve is defined as "Cut into slices or pieces" . So what happens is the person carving leaves a scar in they're skin. These people do it just to raise they're self esteems witch is not worth seriously hurting your self for.

Overall I think that self abuse is wrong but a few minor or important parts of self abuse should be done. But the other self abuses should be stopped since they can hurt someone severely.