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Chaos Theory is a science that tries to explain the process that unpredictable results can occur in a system that is sensitive to its own conditions. On common example of this theory is the butterfly effect. This theory states that a butterfly fluttering its wings in China can actually affect the weather pattern in New York City.

Edward Lorenzo first discovered chaos Theory in 1960. Lorenzo was a meteorologist who was working on a weather prediction when he discovered the Chaos Theory. Lorenzo had a computer set up to help and instead of predicting what the weather was definitely go to be it predicted what the weather might be. Meteorologists use this method today to predict what the weather is going to be.

Chaos Theory relates to several different real life things, and one of them is weather. Chaos scientist knew they could predict the weather three or four days in advance but they wondered if they could predict it a week or even a month in advance.

The equation for weather prediction involves several different variables like temperature, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and the humidity. This theory has helped meteorologist to predict the weather and tell you what the weather is going to be.

One other real life thing that involves the Chaos Theory is the stock market. Chaos scientist concluded that the stock market is random but can also have a pattern that can vary from place to place and moment to moment.

A real life story of Chaos Theory is with a grain of sand. Someone drops one tiny grain of sand onto a table or a fat surface. The mound starts to get bigger and bigger, and finally the person drops one more grain of sand onto the mound and the whole mound falls.