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Service Learning Preliminary Essay For my service-learning project I have chosen to volunteer my time helping out my favorite teacher on campus at Upland High, Ms. Lapis. Essentially, I will be performing the tasks of a student aide; only it will not be during school hours. She needs me to help her out after school correcting papers, filing work, and taking care of any other miscellaneous tasks she needs done. I will also help her fix her computer and set things up on the bulletin boards around her room. I will be able to go in everyday after school from about 3 to 5 and can obviously not work on weekends because it is an after school project only.

I think that I am a good person for this type of volunteering because I have previously been a student in Ms. Lapis's class and I know what her expectations are and what she needs done.

I know that I will be able to handle her instructions because I used to be an aide for Mr. Wilson and am good at following directions. I am a very responsible person and I think I will be able to accomplish any tasks that she needs me to do.

As a result of my volunteering I just want to know that I really helped out Ms. Lapis and made her life a little easier. I feel that I should give something back to her because she is a great teacher and I really appreciate all the help she has given me in the past and all the times she put up with me =).

This work will indirectly contribute to the betterment of our community because Ms. Lapis will have less stress in her life and therefore be better equipped to handle her students...