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If the word "Sex" catches your eye then the film series Sex and the City is for you. Can you imagine a single woman past thirty? Probably, you see most women as a Mrs. by then, and so did I. But, this film gives a different look about women past their thirty's leaving you wondering about your own romantic encounters. Sex and the City is packed with unique characters, laughs, and glittery view of Manhattan.

Sex and the City has quite a simple concept. Four single women in their mid thirty's talk about men, romance and sex in the entire show.

The characters themselves are great entertainment. Each of them is strong-willed with a great deal of personalities. Charlotte, the lovely one, is the romantic and also the prude: she does not want to perform certain sexual acts. Samantha the nymph, all of her concern is an orgasm, and she shares every little detail with her girlfriends.

Miranda is a bit realistic, and the judgment of the group with truthfulness. Then the leader Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker who possesses all those qualities is the sex columnist and writes a sex column in a weekly newspaper. Plus, there appears the gay guys, lesbians, modelizers, etc"¦ and they all live in Carrie's column making it vivid. It is sure those unusual unique characters are making this film so novel.

As I mentioned about Carrie's column above, she writes real happenings and what she researched from various kind of people about Eros. The theme always arouses my interest, and I believe yours too. For example, "Can women have sex like men?" "Monogamists are always good?" " Is threesome in fashion?" "Secret sex", and more about relationships and sex. People must have sexual wonders somewhere in their mind; therefore, Sex and the...