Who is sexier, Beyonce Knowles or Sanaa Lathan?

Essay by ccpwriter February 2005

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When considering something like this one must consider all aspects of the word. Most people would describe sexy as the dictionary does; sexually suggestive or stimulating, attractive or interesting, and appealing. Sexy is represents everything a woman should be, from the way she carries herself to her intelligence, to her interests. Both of these women definitely personify everything that is sexy. They both possess great talent and commanding presence. Yet, when comparing these two, Sanaa Lathan is the woman who stands out.

Sexy begins with appearance and presence. Beyonce is tall, slender, and fair skinned. She is graceful and statuesque when she performs. Beyonce has the presence of a heavy hitting female powerhouse vocalist, and all the glitter that comes with it. When you see her perform you get the excitement and exhilaration of big time. She typifies the word diva.

Secondly a sexy woman's appeal is her interests, and talents.

Beyonce is very multitalented having dabbled in acting and her well-established career in the music industry. She has been performing since she was a pre-teen, which shows her dedication to her work and a love for what she is doing. Beyonce has a wonderful voice, and she gives an astounding performance on stage. She can dance and gets her crowd involved and feeling good. Her music has been successful with fans of pop, R&B, soul, and hip-hop. She has proved herself a strong force in the world of popular music with her solo album and its success.

On the other hand Sanaa Lathan, has a slightly muscular figure, beautiful brown skin, and mysterious eyes. She doesn't have to be totally glamorous for people to adore her. She doesn't have to show her body off to appeal to her fans. She uses her own natural beauty and style.

Sanaa has been working in the performing arts from and early age also. She has won acclaim for her roles in several movies like my personal favorite "Love and Basketball" " Blade" and "Catfish in black bean sauce". She takes on interesting roles of strong, determined black women. She gives young women an image to look up to, as someone who enjoys just being themselves and doesn't need fancy clothes, diamond rings, and constant glamour.

. Although both of these women could surely be described as sexy. Sanaa Lathan has a down to earth character, and never seems to sell herself out or project herself as more than she is. I believe the image she has made of herself is very true, and original. Sanaa Lathan is most definitely the sexier woman.