Sexual Harassment

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What is Sexual Harassment? Sexual harassment is a very illegal thing in the workplace. The short definition of sexual harassment that the law states is "Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advance or conduct on the job that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment."� (Pertrocelli & Repa ½) In this law there is a large range of behavior. It can cover a large amount of conduct. Someone that can be hoaxed to think that they have to sleep with their boss in order to stay employed is being sexually harassed even a coworker who always or on a regular basis cracks jokes related to or are sexual is considered sexual harassment. One who has gross or nude sexual pictures on their walls at work is considered sexual harassment. Also when employees touch or fell or grab against one other coworkers will or even looks or acts like they will grab you is sexual harassment.

(Pretrocelli & Repa ½) But there are misconceptions some belive that the law restricts the normal social activities between men and women at work but hat is not the law. It only includes the unwanted sexual conduct that in no way is social at the work place. (Pertocelli & Repa ½) Some fear of people is that they can't compliment of ask someone out on a date. The law says nothing about dating in the workplace if it is done in a reasonable and respectful manner with employee's wishes. Dating in the workplace is not against the law if both people accept it. Something else that is misleading people think that all is welcome as long as there is no physical contact with each other in the work place. That of course is not true. To be sexual harassed can stem from verbal...