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Shakespeare has a reputation of writing a variety of plays. From tragedies to comedies his plays are famous for their themes and lessons. One theme Shakespeare seems to use in countless of his plays in the theme of love. Love is a deep feeling of affection for one another. There are many varieties of love show throughout Shakespeare's plays.

In Shakespeare's comedy, A Midsummer Nights Dream, he shows us a form of young love. This marks the maturation of Shakespeare's comic form beyond situational and young love (Rosenblum, 219). Through the character's Shakespeare demonstrates how the heart of a young lover can change so drastically. "The course of true love never did run smooth," a quote made by lysander that pretty much sums up the course of the night. The adventure's that the four lovers experience throughout one night compares to the fantasy world of the young lover's heart.

When the love juice was applied to their lips they would awake to be in a fake love trance. This does enhance the comic view of the play, but the reality of love would never be as inductive. When you are young, you are under the misconception of what love is and so you have trouble dividing reality and fantasy. This play shows the path taken by the lovers to discover who they are. The relationship between Lysander and Hermia is true love. The relationship between Helena and Demetrious is more of a lustful type of love. Oberon and Titania who are the king and queen of the fairies, they have this vindictive love. This is shown in the revengeful games they play with one another. Then there is Theseus and Hippolyta, who are the sensible lovers, and that the story ends at their wedding.

In the tragic play...