Should Not Be So Close

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Should Not Be So Close Americans are frantically making their final decisions for the 2000 debate. This election race has been a very close call from day one. The question that comes to mind is why. It is should be very clear to Americans citizens that George W. Bush is the candidate that this country needs. There is absolutely no reason why the percentage of votes should only have a two percent difference. The American public must be completely oblivious to this election and they are just picking the candidate without any thought.

George W. Bush is our candidate, he is willing to work for us, the people of the United States. Americans have always had the dreams of having a sufficient tax cut, parents have recently dreamed about getting their children out of failing schools, farmers have dreamed of having a government that works with them, abortion activist have dreamed of having abortions made illegal, and gun owners have been dreaming recently about not having their guns taken away.

If America would wake up and notice that George Bush is willing to work hard to make these dreams become realities, he would be leading in the presidential race and the American people's dreams could be fulfilled.

It is shocking that at least one issue George Bush speaks about favors at least one specific class. However, his opponents are only focusing one specific class. Everyone I speak to about the election says that they are voting for George Bush, but then the question comes to mind that if this is so then why are the percentages so close. If the majority of the American people would pay attention and focus on the candidate's beliefs, George Bush would without a doubt be ahead by at least thirty percent.