Shouls Native Americans be taxed?

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Should Native Americans Casino's be Taxed?


Malika Stanley

I. Intro

A. General History

One of the upcoming California ballot initiatives poses the question of whether Indian casinos should be required to pay taxes. As we all know Indian casinos have operated tax-free thus far. I have come to the conclusion that Native American casinos should not have to pay taxes. Those who argue the opposing view do so out of feeling cheated or treated unfairly. Those who feel this way should feel even more feelings of cheat or better yet betrayal by our own government not to Native Americans. We should feel cheated by the childish principle that this country has and is founded on and is operating on in this issue, " Finders keepers, losers weepers". Even if this principle is true or fair in some perspectives, Native Americans have wept enough and the "trail of tears" is evident.

1. Most Common Injustices

a. Classifications

The problems of Native Americans can be seen in a larger context as the problem of all conquered indigenous peoples. Of the 115 nation-states on this planet, only about 70 of them were founded and are being maintained by the original inhabitants of that land. The rest, 45 nations or so, were built by outsiders who exterminated or tried to exterminate the indigenous, or original, population. The U.S. falls into this latter category. Indigenous people are referred to as " as opposed to being Third World, which contains some outsider-built nations. About 50 nationalities belong to a group called the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), which includes occupied nations, indigenous peoples, and oppressed minorities. Some indigenous peoples, like Native American Indians, also refer to themselves as "First World/First Peoples".

b. Economic effects of Classifications

The main problem with not having nation-state...