Sidney Myer and his brother, Russian immigrants, opened the first Myer store in 1900 in Bendigo.Am article about Myer

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Sidney Myer and his brother, Russian immigrants, opened the first Myer store in 1900 in Bendigo. They continued to prosper and opened another Myer store in 1908. After establishing themselves in Melbourne, the two brothers expanded the business setting up in Adelaide and then eventually across the whole country. Myer now has 67 stores nationally and is a market leader in Australian retailing. They continually transform to better serve their customers and their changing diverse needs.

Myer Grace Bros is committed to always having a broad merchandise selection and this has led to new and innovative ways of displaying products within their stores.

In 1998, MGB launched Megamart stores, offering their customers with the widest range of electrical and furniture merchandise with Megamart's low price guarantee.

Today the MGB work force comprises of approximately 25,000 employees nationally and their main focus is on high personal training and development for each individual.


Recently due to customers making a move more towards shopping at specialty stores the department sector is shrinking and the future doesn't look too bright for big department stores like Myer Grace Bros. Therefore MGB is one a mission to lure customers back to its stores and to rebuild the brand after some trying times.

Firstly, as part of their strategy to rejuvenate the brand, MGB has recently launched a new campaign through advertising agency Singleton Ogilvy and Mather Melbourne. The campaign uses the line "My life, my store" and is aimed at giving consumers "ownership" of the store and its products. It signals a change, not just that MGB has changed, but that the change is constant.

The most important thing about the campaign is that it's part of an overall business strategy; it's not an ad campaign in isolation. MGB wants to be more fashionable...