Silent Moments

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It had to be done. I could smell his cologne in the air over the sharp scent of gunpowder as his fat body hit the ground. If he had just not been so noisy I wouldn't have need to take his gun, if he had just listened to me and shut the hell up I wouldn't have had to blow him away. The room had finished echoing the sound of the shot, but it was far from quiet. The entire lobby fixed their eyes onto me and I could hear them whispering to each other in disbelief. The men wishing they could have done something but they were paralyzed by the fear I have struck into their hearts, the women whimpering like hounds in a kennel. The noise among them was growing, it was only growing slowly, ever so slowly but I knew it was growing, they couldn't trick me.

How dare they try to trick me! EVERYBODY SHUT UP AND HIT THE FLOOR!They listen, it is a silent moment, and oh how I have longed to hear one of these again, the talking had stopped, the crying was halted and background noise had disappeared.

But it didn't last long, after a few seconds I began to hear the thuds of their hearts and their breathing increasing. I can't stand the noise. Ever since I was a teenager I hated noise. The kids just didn't understand why I was so reclusive and anti-social. Some kids would just come up to me and yell in my face when they found out I hated noise thinking it was funny to mess with my head, bastards never knew how much it affected me. I never really liked people. I guess that's why I went to live in the woods, it was never completely quiet but it was bliss compared to the city. 23 years I lived alone, I became a master at bow hunting (as bows made less noise than guns) and learned to fend for myself. I found independence.

But yesterday for whatever reason, I decided I would go into the nearest town, a smallish town. I was feeling adventurous and was sure I could handle the stress. So this morning I got up and set off to the town. I felt as though everything was going well, I sat on a park bench and watched leaves fall from the trees, then at midday there was a surge of people, the noise flooded my head. I covered my ears and franticly dashed into the closest building seeking quiet. A man in a security uniform grabbed me by the shoulders and was yelling at me if I was ok. I started screaming at him to be quiet but he just kept talking, so I looked down and saw the gun on his belt and thought that with one massive noise I could end it.

I am here now only just realising what has happened and what I have done, I am standing in the foyer of a hotel with 8 people sitting on the ground, one of whom is dead. I ask myself if I have gone too far. No! I warned him to shut up, but he just didn't listen it's his own fault, yeah. He's the one to blame not me.

Now all I hear is the cumulative heartbeats of 7 people, pounding inside my head, every pump draws me closer to madness. I cover my ears in an attempt to end the noise but to no avail, I begin to scream to drown it out, that just made it worse. Now the people have started talking again, didn't they hear me last time? In a fit of rage and frustration, I point the gun into the crowd and fire 6 shots.

They all scream, it causes agony within my skull. But along with it comes a dulling of the sounds of the hearts. That must be it! I have to kill them all to stop the pounding and it will finally be quiet again.

Again I pointed the gun into the crowd, this time taking more care to aim at individuals. BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG.

After a few seconds all the noise stops. Finally, a silent moment. Flooding the floor, blood stains the beige rug crimson and fills the room with a sickly scent. I overview what I have just done, but feel no remorse, no guilt. I don't feel sorry for these people, they should have just done as they were told, then they would have been fine.

I hear a slow build up of noise again. Enraged I franticly search for the source and find it when I look out the hotel door. I see the bright lights, they blind me but I cannot look away. The noise grows stronger yet, it sounds like a lawnmower, but bigger, much bigger. Then a booming voice proclaims: 'This is Fairview police department, we have you completely surrounded. Put down your weapon and surrender immediately or we will open fire'Still angered by the ungodly racket they are making I yell out for them to be quiet, no answer so I try to raise my gun, but before I lift it above my hip, CRACK…