Silver Lake don't rush the ending

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Silver Lake

He threw with all his might but the third stone came skipping back. He lowered his eyes slowly to rest upon the stone that now was resting in the cool shoreline at his feet. Taking in shallow, shaky breaths, the young man stared at the stone, fear consuming his mind. Shivers went up his spine even though the summer sun was beating down on his trembling body. He slowly bent down and, with his hands shaking involuntarily, he felt his fingers grasp around the small rock as he pulled himself back up.

After observing the stone closely in the palm of his hand, the fear of the object was gone. It was filled with a fascination as he proceeded to jerk the stone over the surface of the lake, only to see it return to the same spot at his feet. He picked it up again. There must have been some property that made this rock act so strangely.

Surely there was a scientific explanation for it. But if there was one, he didn't find it. And there certainly was no explanation for what happened next.

With the rock gently resting in his hand, it seemed to change. At first he thought that his eyes must be playing tricks on him from the sun, but he quickly realized that the stone was truly transforming. It broke into pieces that began to trickle through the thin cracks between his fingers. He could tell something wonderful was about to happen.

His name was Andrew Watson and just that morning he was safely in his bed, rudely being woken at six o'clock by an obnoxiously loud alarm clock. Andy, as everyone called him, grudgingly pulled himself from his bed. He was to go on a camping trip with his family to...