A Simple Girl

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A Simple Girl Around and around it soared in sadistic circles, tearing through her pulsating temples. Still, they did nothing. Static, they simply laid there with faces of chalk, void of all human emotions. She could not look at them in hopes of comfort, for long. The crimson rivers that flowed across her eyes, streamed down her scalding cheeks, made vision impossible. Neither sky nor earth existed either above or below. Life was simply the mound of decomposing flesh that surrounded her. Rigid, decaying fingers grasped at her breast. There among the hundreds of limbs which encapsulated her, distinguishing tine own from those of another, was a task no one could accomplish. No prayer would pass her weather lips, for this had been his crusade she had fought and they had lost more than just a battle. The almighty lord had carried them forth leaving illuminated footsteps to mark the path.

For that, she dammed him for all eternity, in every form he assumed she dammed him. He had been everything to her, her entire life revolved around his second coming . For every lie she had been foolish enough to believe let even his memory be forgotten. From his immortal lips hung the bodies of all those who died fighting for him and all those who had tampered with self indulgence. A few more lay upon pewter spoon waiting to be consumed, among these condemned souls was her own. He had been her guiding angle and now it became apparent to her. This was why he fell from heaven.