The Sixteenth Year

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The sixteenth year Of my life Playful as a kitten Colorful as a rainbow A complex woman A complex woman I had expected to be taller than this, driving a car, better in basketball, more secure, I had expected A little more than this.

I will be seventeen soon.

My mom was once seventeen.

My mom lived at seventeen a teen of untamed possibilities solid as a rock pure as snow.

my mom was popular her smile was always around and she was very smart and beautiful and happy.

I have dreamed dreams for you mom more than once.

I have wrapped me in your arms and had you hold me again more than once.

I have taken the bones you hardened And built a life And it has grown and showed the world warmth Like the sun.

I am a woman now A complex woman In the sixteenth Year of my life Surrounded by youth, A perfect picture of Life regenerated I had not expected this beginning.

If it is southern, If it is the first Stage in my mind If in this launch of my life I am taking the first step Into the unknown Let me walk through it fulfilled And up in arms Not afraid Not disturbed Out of my Mother's life Into my own Into my own I had expected a little more than this I had not expected to be A complex woman ***This poem is an account of my life and is written by me.