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Is Social media replacing Traditional Media

A Desk Research Paper for La Trobe University

By Sanjana Chopra


La Trobe University




Central Argument of the issue



This purpose of this paper is to research if social media is replacing traditional media in terms of people getting news and brand communications. It also talks about the changes that have been noticed due to emerging social media trends for brand communication. The emergence of social media has made it possible for people to communicate with people living in other parts of the world. Social media have enabled consumers to communicate with each other to share views about a specific product or service. The result of this study shows that traditional media, as well as social media, has a great impact on brand communications and intelligence sharing across the world. Whereas, traditional media are considered to be a more credible source of news and for creating brand awareness.


The media landscape has gone under major transformations over decades. As strategic communicators, it is a great question whether to follow traditional public relation practices or to adopt new ones. The practices followed from the past in public relations are building strong relations with journalists so that one can sell stories on behalf of their client and get featured in mainstream publications. The 21st century is witnessing an explosion of Internet-based messages transmitted through social media networks and microblogs.They are replacing traditional media as the buzz about these new marketing opportunities is unlimited. It is not just public relation practitioners, but also marketers who feel they are losing control on brand management. [1: Mangold, W.G. and Faulds, D.J. (2009), "Social media: the new hybrid element of the promotion mix"Business horizons, Volume 52, Issue 4, pp. 357...