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1.Do you know how to define a social problem? I will tell you the problem. There are two aspects which can be used to identify what the social problem is. One is identifying conditions or occurrences as problems that is kind of trouble, harm unacceptable cost, or moral wrong. At the same time, we should know whether various phenomena are a problem.

The second aspect that is considered in determining whether a condition or occurrence is a social problem involves identifying those problems as a social which affect huge numbers of people, stem from social causes, and can be solved through social action.

The first social problem I want to say is homelessness. These people sometimes do not get the high education degree or never have an opportunity to study further to learn one kind of the skill, then they do not have more opportunities to get a job when they attend job fairs in the labor market.

At the same time, the employers also do not want to hire these kinds of people to get them a job, which means they may have no income for their life, also they have no money to buy a house or even apartment to live in, generally meaning that the inequality of opportunity for these people who actually become a homeless people in the society. When we see the number of the people who are homeless, we will find huge numbers of people right now across the country are being a homeless person. They are always loafing around the street all day, maybe they can get some quarters or dollars when they help other people find the way they want to get there. But in most of times, they can get nothing.

So we have already known the definition of the...