Song Of The Brook

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of the Brook My book report is about a very good book. It is called Song of the Brook. Song of the Brook is a Christian fiction book. Matilda Nordtvedt writes it. The book has 124 pages, and I have read this entire book. The main characters are Hilda, Lois, Baby Sigurd, John, and Hilda's Mama; Magda, her Papa; Robert, Ole, Bertha, Thora, and Bestefar. The story begins with Hilda's family on a train on their way to Washington State. They were leaving their home in Minnesota to move to Washington.

They rode the train to Washington, and when they arrived, Ole, Hilda's uncle, and Thora, her cousin was waiting for them. As soon as Hilda saw her cousin she felt embarrassed because of how she looked. She did not have on nice clothes like Thora. When they arrived at Thora's house Hilda saw all the nice things they had, and wished she had them too.

She was still excited though because she knew she was going to see her new home the next day; but, little did Hilda know that her new house was an old house with a dirty yard. When Hilda saw the house she became very sad. It took a lot of cooperation and patience, but they fixed up the house and made it look better. Hilda and John found out that they had a creek and a maple tree on their property. They all went on an adventure, and Lois got stung by nettles. They went so far into the woods that they got lost, and could barely find their way back home. Even though their new home was not what they wanted it to be, they were starting to get used to it. They liked the brook; the trees and they even...