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Song To Which I Wait Who could've ever known a Spanish Salsa song, "Te Quiero Asi," would have an underlying message that reaches its listener on a subconscious level; a message that says, "you aren't going anywhere for a while, so sit down and wait"? I figured out the true meaning of the song after about a month with my wife. I have learned that upon preparing to go anywhere with my wife, she will put on this album with this particular song, and curse the rest of my day with a never-ending wait.

Just the other day we were in the mist of getting dressed to go to the movie "Pearl Harbor", when I heard the radio click on, the CD player open, the CD get placed on the laser reader. Upon the first horrible notes of "Te Quiero Asi"; I immediately knew that I would be waiting endlessly for her hair to get done, to put makeup on, and to get dressed.

I was done showering, and she was just stepping into the shower. Six minutes later she yells from the shower, "Could you please replay that song?" Hesitantly, I oblige, using the last little bit of manly pride, I press the previous track button.

Sixteen minutes after she stepped into the shower, and ten minutes after I am ready to go, she begins with her hair. This song of perpetual wait is still playing, the hair is done and the woman is now starting her make up. 30 minutes after the horrid song has started and restarted, she is now selecting an outfit. While looking over her closet she is dancing to this song of wait. Fifty minutes of hearing this song, relief is granted; the song is turned off, and she is ready.

We arrived at the theater where a line, long and proud, begins to taunt me. My wife begins to sing "Te Queiro Asi". Twenty minutes after she begins to sing we get to the window, "Two for Pearl Harbor", my wife says. The young teen behind the glass points to a sign in the window. It read, "Pearl Harbor 6:30 show SOLD OUT." I let out a mental scream, "Damn that Song!" I have now waited about two and a half hours since the cursed song was played.

Finally we get into the theater, we get out seats, we sit down, and lo and behold, we forget our drinks. It is then my task to go out and wait in line for snacks and drinks. While in line the cursed salsa song is replaying in my mind, and yes, I wait, and wait. Ten minutes pass and I finally get to the counter and order one large Cherry Coke, one large Minute Maid, and some Red Vines. By the time I make my way to my seat, I find the movie hasn't started. The projector had some malfunction and the tape wouldn't play properly. There I was after nearly three hours, waiting again.

Is this "Te Quiero Asi" cursed? Does this song make the listener wait, and wait? To my wife it is a motivational song, a song to get her going. To me, it means she will be a while and to get comfortable, I am going to be here a while. It is a shame that a song that she loves gets so much hatred from me.