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Sony - About a 2 months ago I bought 2 Sony brand Premium Digital Videocassette tapes and figured they would be good quality, since my Sonydigital camcorder the TRV-9 is still in good shape after two years and is a great camera. But after I watched back what I recorded on BOTH tapes the last 5 minutes were completely destroyed. There was bars across the image and at one point my camera turned off and told me to eject the tape. I took a look at the tape inside and it had creases through it and was crumpled. Then a month and a half later I needed two more digital tapes and with the best quality because I was going to make two final tapes of the two projects I was doing. I went to a certain camera store and when I asked about the Sony Premium digital tapes they said they had problems with them and I shouldn't get them.

But I was willing to give Sony a second chance. I bought two Sony Excellence digital videocassettes, which the salesman said have the best quality and DO NOT have problems like the Premium grade Sony tapes. Then a few days ago I watched the final copy of one of my projects (40 min. long) and the last 2 min. of it, the sound came and went and skipped and crackled. This was not from my project this was because the tape inside became crinkled again. I was very angry because this was something a lot of people are going to see and the last two minutes are very unsatisfactory. One time when I was recording a copy I let it run to the end of the tape by accident, and the tape was so messed up it would not rewind. I took it out of the camera and could see crumpled tape off the spool in the side window and I had to manually rewind it back into its place. And because of this I had to buy another digital tape and spend another 5 hours putting a final copy on it. And I know its not my camcorder because after buying around 40 digital tapes it has only happened with the only 4 Sony tapes I own. Also I do clean my camera heads periodicly so it is not dirty heads that are the problem. I have spent $70 (2 x $15 for Premium, 2 x $20 for Excellence) on faulty tapes and the least you could do is send me 4 digital videocassette tapes to make up for the bad ones I have bought. I am a struggling video producer and I hope you will help me out.

My address is: joe Schmoe Fart Productions P.O. Box 6969 Hangover CA 42069 Thank you for your time.