The South Western Surf Range of the Mojado Brothers

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This report by South Pacific Development (SPD) builds on previous research to focus on the Australia market for the sale of T-shirts, especially the South Western Surf Range of the Mojado Brothers. It outlines the reasons for the report, the scope of the report and relevant questions as well the methods South Pacific Development (SPD) will use to research data. It also outlines the advantages and disadvantages of research methods used.

It briefly explains the situation of the Mojado Brothers and why this report is needed, which is to help them in preparing the release of their new products.

The repost aims at providing useful data for the decision making process as well as ways of obtaining data. The steps of operation in this report outline both Mojado Brothers' internal and external resources and by summarizing these resources. Moreover, the report then provides an operational method for the company to help improve their situation if necessary.

The recommendation of this report suggests why the business is necessary to follow suggestion inside the report and as conclusion that has mentioned, this report advises on all aspects of future development taking accounted 4 P's of marketing.

INTRODUCTIONThe aim of this report by South Pacific Development (SPD) is to build on the results of previous primary and secondary marketing research in the Australia area for the sale of clothing manufactured in U.S.A. Especially, in south-western USA (California). This research will focus on the sale of T-shirt, particularly those of South Western Surf Range, manufactured by Mojado Brothers.

This report will try to identify marketing trends and recommendation of opportunity in these areas for the next five years. This will include possible areas for high sales and the most popular items for sale.

This research will principally address questions such as:1. What...