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I ran as hard as I could from what was after me. Almost out of breath, I can feel it right on my tail. When all said and done I was finished. Hide and seek everyone, the game to play. This is one of many introductions that captures an audience in aw and curiosity. There are several different techniques that can be used in an introduction to capture the minds of the listeners. Whether its humor, a fact, or even an illustration, a well planned introduction is a key asset as well as the execution itself. The five important functions to look for in an ideal introduction are simply the attention getter, the subject presentation, reasons for an audience to listen, credibility establishment, and over all main ideas.

Through the use of ten different approaches, a speaker can effectively grasp the audience's attention. Interesting facts or even my favorite, humor, are examples of dissimilar techniques that prove to be unbeatable.

However, the different types of introductions should be used in a moderate tone. Not just vocally, but morally as well. To begin a speech with quotes, questions, illustrations or one the ten effective intros a person must bring into context the respect of the audience. Derogatory comments towards race, religion or sexuality will drive individuals in the audience to shut you out. In this case, staying safe rather than sorry is the best way to go. Light humor, interesting facts, or rhetorical questions are just a few of the ten successful steps in an executing a good introduction.

Another successful step in a good speech is introducing the subject completely and thoroughly. Well into the introduction of speech, the listeners should be able to acknowledge and understand the subject or issues central idea at hand without heavy thought or confusion.