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Sport Tourism by Joy Standeven and Paul DeKnop investigates the symbiotic relationship between sports and tourism. During the twentieth century, sports tourism has greatly increased in popularity and the economical benefits it provides to a regional economy has elevated the interests in political elites to obtain such spectacles. Sports tourism has many positive aspects to society. The chief beneficiaries are: monetary advantages, infrastructure improvements and development of sports programs. These beneficiaries are primarily due to the affect of sports tourism and the positive aspects they bring into society.

Sport tourism has greatly increased the economical capacity of regional economies. Depending on the size of the sporting spectacle, regional economies can receive large amount of monetary up into the millions. As many politicians describe, sports tourism are "money grabbers." The influx of monetary is great and such political elites become entangled in the growing interests of obtaining sporting activities. Take for example, The Masters.

A prestigious golf tournament held once year in which the winner does not receive any money for winning the tournament but receives the coveted Green Jacket. This four-day tournament held in the United States brings in approximately $25-30 million in revenue. The amount of tourism produced by the Masters is astounding as hotels itself need to triple their work force.

One must not forget the amount of tourism and monetary that produced through the World Cup of Soccer and the Olympic games. As Standeven and Deknop address, these two events are huge moneymakers. The World Cup of Soccer was a huge attraction as thousands of tourists settled in the United States: "For the 1994 World Cup, 490 elimination games were held, each attracting thousands of spectators" (Sport Tourism, pg 112). The Olympics are also big moneymakers. Thus the reason why many political elites try to obtain this...