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Sports German Mills Boys Basketball Falls Apart in the Finals and loses by 4 points First to start everything off the German Mills boy's basketball team came in second place at the area meet. They lost by 4 points. The reason they came in second place was because the other team was much taller than them. This gave them an advantage because they could shoot and pass over German Mill's Team. The team was defeated by Charles Howitt.

To celebrate there wins the team and also the boys volleyball team took a trip to the A.C.C. last weekend and saw the Toronto Rapters play the Vancouver grizzly bears. That was believed to be the last to Canadian teams to ever play again seeing as the grizzly bears are leaving Vancouver.

Interview With Sanjeev Braman It was very unfair because a teammate and him just got the position of warming the bench.

He says that he wouldn't have joined the team if he knew that he wouldn't be playing, but he quotes that by joining the team this year he would have a better chance of joining the team next year.

The girl's basketball team also came in second place in the tournament. Good job! Write know there is a hockey league going on at lunch and last recess joiners are welcome. There are many teams the league is run by Mr.Gervais Gym Class The schools gym teacher keeps all the students in shape.

Every gym class the grade 7s and 8s run, for 12 minutes a class and then write a personal journal and try to improve every class.

A New sport has Been Discovered The new sport that has been discovered is sleeping in class the sports record was set by Jonnnny. He slept through five minutes of geography class.

If you have any sports updates or questions contact the newspaper and we will answer you.