Spyware and removal

Essay by jaybrog November 2004

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Spyware removal procedures

Spyware is an enormous pest propagating throughout the internet. Spyware is malicious computer code similar to a virus but not sinister. Spyware collects information on your internet browsing habits without the user's knowledge and reports the results back to the spyware issuer. Spyware can also display ads relevant to what you mostly search for online.

Assuming you have Windows 98 or newer, there are a couple spyware removal kits to rid your system of spyware. Both "Spybot-Search and Destroy" and "Ad-aware" are free and very effective tools for eliminating spyware. Ad-aware scans your memory, registry, and hard drives for known spyware and lets you remove the spyware safely. Spybot has an "immunization" tool to prevent spyware from entering your system.

First, you must open "Internet Explorer" by clicking it on your desktop. Type [http://www.lavasoftusa.com/support/download/] into the address bar at the top of Internet Explorer and press enter on the keyboard.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, click [MajorGeeks.com], and choose to download from the GA. location. Choose the option to "Save," then specify "Desktop" as your "Save To" location. Once the download is finished, click "Open" on the download window, and the installation will begin.

On the installing window, read the terms and conditions, then click "Next." Check the fields to verify that you have read the terms and conditions and again, click "Next." Click "Next" once more to install the program into "Program Files." You must then click "Next" to choose who can access Ad-aware. To finish the installation, click "Next." On the next window that appears click "Finish." You may close the help file after reading all of its contents. The program will then automatically update the spyware definitions, assuming you are connected to the internet,