Stacey and Jeremy in: Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

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I am going to start with Stacey. He is fourteen years old, he has two brothers and a sister, and they are called Little Man, Christopher John and Cassie. He lives with his grandmother, she is known as Big Ma, Mama and siblings. His father comes home during the year since he is usually away working on the railroad. His uncle, uncle Hammer, also comes occasionally since he lives in Chicago. They are a very united family and protect and look after each other.

Stacey is treated as an adult when his father is away because of his great feeling of responsibility towards his family. He is the oldest male when in the family when his father is away, he cares a greatly about his family.

Stacey comes from the black community. He goes to Great Faith Elementary School where his mother taught until one of his friends, TJ, told the Wallace's, a family that dislikes the Logan's, about Mama's ways of teaching from a black point of view which got Mama fired and declined the families economy.

This made their family became more united than ever. Stacey tries hard at school and disapproves of cheating and people telling on others.

Stacey has learnt to deal with racism over the years since he has suffered it for so long. As he has grown older he has also become more mature and learnt to put up with racism and not say anything as it is a part of his life, unlike his sister Cassie.

His family suffers a great deal of racism because they are considered uppity niggers since they have land and do not sharecrop to earn money. Though you don't actually earn money while sharecropping, since everything is paid for and taken out of your salary. The...