Staff Morale.

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Staff Morale

Morale can be defined as the feeling a worker has about his job based on how the worker perceives himself in the organisation and the extent to which the organisation is viewed as meeting the worker's own needs and expectations.

It also refers to the state of an employee's spirit and/or confidence. So for an organisation to have low staff morale would mean that their employees had low energy levels, no motivation and even no feeling of self-satisfaction. Low staff morale doesn't just happen for any reason. There are many things, which can affect this, such as:

·A major change in a company structure

·Employees being laid off

·Lack of communication

·A negative attitude


·Low energy

·Co-workers don't get along

·A gloomy atmosphere of stress and anxiety.

These factors can then begin to affect the company/organisation through things occurring such as:

·More mistakes

·Increased customer complaints

·Staff become less caring about customer complaints

·Staff begin blaming each other for their own errors

·Staff less inclined to listen - pre-occupied with own agenda

·High levels of staff burn-out

·Declines in productivity and quality

·Home-life relationships suffer which in turn impacts on working-life relations

·Sleepless nights & less-productive days

Now that it is known what staff morale is, what causes it and how it affects the company, it is time to move on to how to improve low staff morale in the office environment.

Perhaps the first step in creating an atmosphere that will motivate employees is expressing appreciation. Supervisors should commend progress toward agreed-upon goals in a continual and consistent manner.

Celebrate successes. When people work hard to complete a project, make sure their accomplishments are acknowledged before tackling the next challenge.

Offer incentives. Employees will be more inclined to do a task more effectively and efficiently...