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Staffing Plan PaperIn today's marketplace the most important asset that an organization has is its human capital. According to Noe, et al. (2007), human capital means the firm's employees when they are described in terms of their experience, training, intelligence, training, relationships and insight. These are the characteristics the add value to an organization it is for this reason that recruiting personnel that already have human capital plays an extremely important part in the success of the organization. Recruiting the right people for the job is not an easy task, recruiting means finding qualify people who meet the needs of the organization. This paper will attempt to develop a staffing plan for a Direct TV (DTV) dealer in the Tampa bay area. First, the personnel needs will be determined according to functional areas. Secondly, strategies will be developed to recruit the appropriate applicants and finally the strategies legal compliance will be discussed.

In order to forecast the demand for labor the DTV dealer will use statistics from other dealers that serve a geographical area with similar population, another labor forecasting indicator will the competition's staffing requirements.

Staffing NeedsInstallation DepartmentThe installation department is responsible for the installation and service of DTV at the customer house or business. According to the labor forecasting indicators the installation department will consist of one supervisor, an assistance supervisor and 10 installers. The supervisor role is to supervise the warehouse clerk, the installers and coordinate all the DTV installations. The supervisor will have an assistant who will control the storage, issue and receipt of DTV equipment to the installers and the installers will pick up and install DTV equipment at the customer place of residence or business.

Sales DepartmentAccording to the labor forecasting indicators the sales department will consist of a manager, four assistant...