Staffing Plan Paper

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Staffing Plan Paper

Kelly S. Lantow

Human Resources Management MGT/431

Leslie Jones

May 3, 2010�

Staffing Plan

The place of employment discussed in this paper is a manufacturing company of metals, tooling, and robotics. Wauseon Machine is located in Wauseon, OH and has a very low turnover rate where employees are concerned. There are three plants located all within a mile of each other and employs over 3,000 individuals including office personnel and factory workers. Due to the low turnover rate there are not many positions available at any given time. The following will provide information on positions that may be available now or in the near future and what guidelines are followed to recruit new employees into those positions and how qualified employees are hired.


While each department decides what positions are available and has the final say on who will be hired for each position the human resources department is responsible for finding the people who are qualified for the positions.

According to human resources Wauseon Machine is in need of one person for inside sales support, an outside salesperson, and an estimator totaling three people. Considering the company specializes in metal, forming, stamping, and designing and constructing robots to make the designs there are certain qualifications required for some of the positions. Inside sales support would require the individual know Microsoft Office products, computer knowledge, keyboarding, and various other office and clerical duties. The outside sales person must have experience determined by the department in sales and any knowledge in metals is a plus. The estimator would be the position requiring the most experience because that person would have to have experience in metal stamping and robotics, but also know the different types of metals and their worth.