The Stalker

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I sat at the lunch tables, as usual, chomping on my roast-beef sandwich. It was a gorgeous day as the sun glittered across the sky and as the clouds ornamented the atmosphere above. Nothing much was going on at what seemed like an ordinary day in eighth grade; however, I would soon find out that I was mistaken. At the same time, I was scrutinizing the activities that the boys and girls were participating in. Some were shooting hoops, others were playing card games, and the rest were having interactions among each other. Everything seemed ideal and typical. Slowly, I finished the last bits of my meal, and began my "adventurous" lunch hour.

I met up later that hour with my crew of friends whom I had hung out with everyday. Reluctantly, we decided as a group to participate in a game of basketball. So we headed towards the blacktop where about ten hoops stood.

As I strolled along, I noticed from the corner of my eye a girl staring right at me. She was wearing a red sweatshirt with blue jeans. I couldn't tell from my viewpoint who she was or how she looked like. Nevertheless, I was positive that it was a girl whom I had never seen before. I quickly turned my head to take a good look at her, but, astonishingly, she was nowhere in sight. That was weird, I thought. Whatever. Maybe I was just imagining things. I continued on, acting as if nothing had happened.

A basketball game had suddenly started. I was immediately drafted to one team and we began playing. Just five minutes into a game, the girl in the red sweatshirt and blue jeans had appeared from the corner of my eye yet again. This time, she was standing next...