The Standard Of Beauty

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The Standard of Beauty From time to time, Women are seeking for the standard of beauty base on culture and, most importantly, on men preferences. Beauty could be one of the most controversial issues since different cultures and people have different point of views.

One of the beauty preferences is the appearance, which includes facial feature, clear, smooth skin, and attractive body structure. Most famous people and beautiful models today have influenced a lot of women that become the target of imitation. Also, the advances in fashion design make women more stylish. Most women nowadays in modern era will take care of their appearances if they really care about the beauty.

The behavior of women is also considered as part of the standard of beauty, simply known as inner beauty. It's likely acquired from the influence of culture, environment, and relationship with others. Understanding, forgiving, and quality of heart are the most beautiful thing that not everybody could possibly possess.

For instance, a good looking, thin, stylish woman, such as actresses or famous models, couldn't be completely beautiful due to the lack of inner beauty. It could be the only beauty that last longer and never fade away.

Another important thing about the standard of beauty is the health that women should have. Most women now in industrialized country are doing cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty. It's kind of ridiculous that they abuse their body to achieve the attraction on men. It could possibly leave unhealthy body in the future when they getting older. They could possess physical beauty a shot period of time, but the trouble it brings at a later time is not worth it. The real beauty is to have a healthy body and mind naturally.

The standard of beauty is different in many...