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Naturalism refers to scientific objects that is only controlled by our own self, but ruled with passion. In Stephen Crane's short story, "The Open Boat", he uses four unique characteristics to bring his story to life. A story containing literary naturalism has been defined as one which emphasizes the role of environment upon human characters, where nature is portrayed as uncaring, where it seems there is no order in the universe, where man looks for order and signs in the universe, and where it seems that man has no purpose in nature.

"None of them knew the color of the sky," Crane instantly sets the tone by offering hat there is no time for a tourist's observation when one is battling for their life. They were so intent on survival that none of the four men on the boat knew the color of the sky. Crane implies that he lifted his tale from actual facts.

From the start the reader anticipates that not all four of the men will safely reach shore.

Presenting inanimate objects as if they were living, is one of Crane's naturalistic concepts. He refers to the boat that the four men are on as a "bucking bronco". These men are frequently assaulted by a threatening "greyness". In the first paragraph, the waves are compared to "slate". Crane adds that each one could completely describe the "colors of the sea", even though none of them knew the color of the sky. Towards the end of the first section, Crane hints that the oiler may not survive. The oiler is characterized as the most impersonal. By the end of the first section, Crane's technique implies that in this story the one who does not battle against the condition could be the easiest target by...