Hanan Elaraby

English 1, period 6


Ms. Pryor


Most stereotypes are not good. A lot of them are negative. And most of them are very insulting. And you know what I am getting really tired of it. It really bugs, and is pisses me off.

I am not saying that I am not like that. But! There is a big difference, because when I do stereotype it is with my friends and not to strangers. And also my friends know that I am just joking with them. How do they know? Good question. The way they know is because I saw I am just kidding. And I say it more than once and also they know because the tone of my voice.

But the thing that gets me the most is the types of stereotypes. Like take me for example. I'm Muslim, and Arabic. And what do people think of me if they don't know me.

Oh she is a terrorist. She is related to Uhsoma Binladin. And all that crap. But they don't know mw at all. So I think it is screwed up when people say that.

And also what is the deal with everyone that think just because someone is black does not mean they are good at basketball. Yeah there are a lot of professional basketball players that are black. But you know why they are good. Because they practice! That is how you get good at something.

And what is the deal with the whole Asians being smart. Umm did you ever think they are smart because they study unlike others. It does not matter where you are from to be smart.

I think it is so stupid when people say stuff like that.

Oh and here is a good one when...